About Enktesis

FrontBlocksC*enktesis, LLC is a private consultancy, led by Marco Ciavolino, assisting clients in a range of web technology solutions, marketing communications, business development, and communications research efforts. He has been involved in the web space since 1995 and since that time has directly developed and collaborated on numerous web projects from small niche sites to large enterprise projects.

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What does Enktesis mean?

In first century greek:  ἔγκτησις

(Ἔγκτησις; Énktēsis). In the Greek the word 'enktesis' states the acquisition of property that was reserved to citizens. Individual foreigners were granted the privilege of énktesis, the right to acquire 'land' or 'a house' (or both) by a popular resolution.


So for me, it means you are assigning responsibility to me to manage your assets on your behalf. I become your enktesis.

Beyond our core disciplines and work we have outline on the home page and Web Dev page we have pursued other projects as well.

Core Companies

Paperclip Press: Book Publishing

Robot Mats: Training Mats for Desktop Robotics

Sponsored Sites

TechBrick Robotics: Independent US FIRST Robotics Club

Maryland FIRST: Maryland's US FIRST Organization

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