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I'll make this really simple. I'm not going to create a fancy site for this message (I've done that for clients). Nor try to wow you with effects  (I've done that for clients). I'm just going to tell you I've been working in the web space since 1995.

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Help you structure and create your content.
  • Create a new site with appropriate technology.
  • Help you recover existing assets like domains and websites.
  • Handle all graphics, video, and design components.
  • Handle all the logistics and technical stuff.
  • Keep the site up and running.
  • Show you how to manage the content (if you want to).
  • Make sure you can be found.
  • Apply a tested and select group of core add-ins to protect and enhance your site.
  • Host your site on a private, closely managed, server with multiple backups.

I suggest you keep reading...

Since 1995 I've built hundreds of sites from one-page emergency-at-midnight political sites to sites with thousands of pages, custom functions, and extensive media support.

Add to this my extensive skill sets in photography, graphic design, video, publication design, data management, application development, and more and you have a complete, affordable, efficient source for great, effective websites.

You can use dozens of 'instant site' services and free hosting options. You can even pay for advanced services and custom domains names. And if you have years of skill and experience you probably can build a decent website.  But is most likely not your area of expertise and your are probably much better at many other skills and tasks.

We will walk you through the process, host your site on our private, carefully managed servers, make sure you are mobile enabled, and help with the myriad of details that make a modern website. Since most of our work is done in JOOMLA or WordPress, you can easily manage your site if you care to. Along with a sister company in South Carolina, we can work collaboratively on large projects, particularly involving associations and non-profits, which is an area of expertise for them.

So let's talk. Let's find a great solution for your company or organization. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 410-838-8264.

Services Included with Every Website

Domain Names:

  • Names that we manage are currently charged at $20 per year per domain.
  • We manage the renewals, and handle any required DNS settings.

Domain Procurement (capture existing domains)

  • This is a straight hourly billing task. However, it can be generally estimated.

Included in every site are key, curated modules for which we hold master licenses:

  • RS FORM (advanced web form creation)
  • RS FIREWALL (stops all types of web attacks)
  • Optimize Pro (optimizes code for maximum mobile compatibility)
  • PCW User Mgt (controls user permissions and other critical maintenance tasks)
  • JCE Editor (advanced editor for web content)
  • Akeeba Backup (full site backup system for manual and CRON backups)
  • Template Creator CK and Page Builder CK (advanced template design and content creation)
  • And MyJOOMLA advanced site active monitoring.

Mobile/Device Adaptability
The site will be engineered for full device compatibility from desk to small phones. You can see this in action on my corporate site (http://enktesis.com) or a recently completed site, Maryland FLL (http://marylandfll.org). Just squeeze the browser and you will see the sites reformat on the fly.

All our sites are assigned a basic SSL certificate which is favored by the search engines.

Ongoing Maintenance

There is very little or no maintenance required accept for major updates which happen about once every two years. You can handle as much content management as you wish. Work done by our organizations is billed at $125 per hour (1/2 hour increments) and can be estimated for larger projects. I typically suggest, especially in the first few months, that a client authorize a 2-4 hour block per month billed as needed for initial questions and related issues.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The will be designed for maximum search engine integration and submitted to Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, and Bing. Future SEO efforts and Per Click Advertising would be considered independent projects.

Cost for Hosting and Services/Email

  • Annual Hosting costs for a basic corporate site range from $240-300 depending on whether or not we are supporting email. In theory, you can have unlimited basic POP/IMAP accounts.
  • The corporate site will be hosted on a private server environment. Each client has a true root (not shared) for maximum security.
  • Included in the hosting is daily backups by the hosting facility and weekly or daily backup by our systems via CRONs with backups stored on a geographically diverse server. At any time there are no less than 15 incremental backups available.
  • The hosting costs also included minor security updates.
  • We also offer an advanced email support service through RackSpace which provides a very robust spam/hacking protection service (we run all our corporate email through RackSpace or MS Live365)

Key Services

Training Documentation, Onsite Training, Remote Training Every project has unique configuration. We make sure the client knows what is there and how to work it.
Client Discussions 
Initial Meeting, Review Proposed Work, First Review of Site, Second Review of Site, Pre-Launch Review, Post-Launch Review These are the critical meetings for any web project. They ensure that expectations are met and that all the information is applied properly.
Site Startup
Initial Admin, Domain Research, Register Domains, Setup Server, Configure Initial Email, Setup Email  Accounts and Test This may seem way too technical, but it’s very important to the project. You must have all this in place before you launch a website.
Initial Design 
Choose and Apply Template, Template Design, Install Modules and Test, Setup Navigation and Sections, Design Research, Custom Illustration, Photo Research, Photography Appropriate design is important. The site must look the part and meet your client’s expectations. In addition, good, fresh photos and illustrations must be used.
Site Content 
Document Conversion (PDF), Document Preparation, Favicon, Image Preparation, Meta Tags Descriptions, Meta Tags Keyword, Post Content Pages, Post Main Pages, Video Creation Preparation Preparing information is critical to the success of the project. All text must be proofread and cleaned up to make sure that only applicable characters and code are placed in the website. The same with images and art.
Site Launch 
Final Content Check, Forms and Email Check, DNS Configuration, Google Sitemaps, Other Sitemaps, Install Stat Tracking and Test, Post Launch Test Before launch, every technical component must be tested including links, forms, modules, etc. as well as related services.
Intellectual Property Support 
Domain Recovery, Workstation Configuration, Software Installation, Domain Configuration Many projects require some technical assistance. We often help with recovering lost domains, setting up workstations, and related tasks.
Post Launch Tasks
General search engine optimization and online advertising.

After your site is completed, we can create a project either one time or ongoing to make sure your site is well indexed in the search engines.

The XCORP Family of Companies

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*enktesis, LLC assists clients in a range of web technology solutions, marketing communications, business development, and communications research efforts

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TechBrick Education
TechBrick is an independent robotics and STEM education program for home-schooled, public, and private school students in Harford, Baltimore, and Cecil counties in Maryland.

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You've got an idea. You've written your book, your ideas, your thoughts. Paperclip Press can make it happen.

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*enktesis, LLC is a private consultancy, led by Marco Ciavolino, assisting clients in a range of web technology solutions, marketing communications, business development, and communications research efforts. He has been involved in the web space since 1995 and since that time has directly developed and collaborated on numerous web projects from small niche sites to large enterprise projects.  Want to know more? Contact me via email or phone  (marco@enktesis.com / 410-838-8264).   Full contact information at meetmarco.com

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