52 Frames Submissions 2021

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Please enjoy my submissions from the 52 Frames Project for 2021

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2021 04 Water 1069 marco ciavolino post

Wet Morkie

How could I not use our new morkie, Hemingway, for this shot after his first bath? I mean, really, what is cuter than a wet morkie?


With over 70% of the planet's surface covered in this stuff, it's time to make a splash. This week's theme allows us to get very versatile and creative - we could go for a calm and tranquil depiction with a slow shutter speed or choose to FREEZE the action with a fast shutter speed (this week's extra credit part). We see water everywhere, whether it's seasides, lakes, rivers or waterfalls. For those of us in more urban locales, there are plenty of locations of interest as well - swimming pools, fountains or even your kitchen sink! See if you can go beyond a direct and obvious composition - make the viewer feel what you were feeling when you took the shot. You could go with a single small drop of water or have an ocean in focus. Just go with the flow...


Scroll down for a portrait of Hemingway! ⇓⇓⇓⇓

2021 03 ShootLow 1069 marco ciavolino post

Jump Hemingway!

We just brought home a morkie (Maltese + Yorkie). His name is Hemingway (after Ernest Hemingway) because we plan to have great adventures with him. I laid on the floor on my back and shot with the camera over my head (I cannot get any lower). Though he looks huge due to forced perspective, is only about 14 inches long and weighs 7 pounds.

Hemingway in Real Life!

2021 03 ShootLow 1069 marco ciavolino portrait post


It's time to get down... well, not to party - but to GET LOW! Squat, bend, lie down, whatever it takes to view the world from the unique angle of close to the ground. One of the easiest and most important techniques to use, low-angle photography creates immediate interest to the viewer, and often yields a more expansive view of the world. This is especially important when documenting children or animals, due to their proximity to terra firma, as you are getting "down to their world". There's a lot of story you can craft from this low vantage point. In cinema, shooting a character from below is sometimes referred to as the "superhero angle" as it conveys this larger-than-life feel to the character. It's best to ask yourself before you shoot--what is it you are seeing in the scene in front of you and what do you want to convey to the viewer? Street photography lends itself quite well to shooting from the ground as well. At wider angles, your foreground elements need even more attention when shooting low, because they will appear much larger than those elements at a distance. This week, raise your photo game by going low !


2021 02 LeadingLines 1069 marco ciavolino Post

Path to Pasta

All the key ingredients to make an awesome bowl of pasta. Just wanted to try a food layout and the extra credit challenge.

2021 02 LeadingLines 1069 marco ciavolino setup

Nikon D7500
5568x3712 RAW
Edited with Camera Raw Filter
Nikon 18-300 lens
1/5 sec
ISO 400
Focal length 50mm


This week we're looking at using a compositon technique that calls attention to a particular area of your photo through the use of directional lines. Leading lines are the key compositional element that carries our eye through the photograph to a point or area of interest. Use leading lines to guide your viewer to the part of the image that you feel garners the most attention. Now, some lines will be rather obvious but you can compose or use elements in the frame that may not be conspicuous but still perform the task of leading the viewer's eyes to where you'd prefer. Do pay attention to the depth of field in your shots - it's an important factor when composing the entire image with the intent of using leading lines. Another aspect is that leading lines need not be straight at all - curves and squiggles can just as easily be used to channel direction. There are plenty of leading lines in the world around us from a winding river in Nature to architectural edges of buildings in a city. There's tremendous potential to get very creative with photos in natural light as well as after the sun goes down - think long exposure car light trails. Despite being such a simple technique, leading lines are extremely versatile, and can enhance most photographs. All we need to do is look for them with a little attention until it's second nature.


2021 01 SelfPortrait 1069 marco ciavolino Post

Yes she still needs me when I'm 64

Yes she still needs me, yes she still feeds me, when I'm 64. Turned 64 on Dec 29. So many great memories and so many more to make.


2021!! Anything but 2020 has a nicer ring to it, no? Dearest Framers, it's time for new beginnings - time to look ahead, and make some choices about how we want to shape our year, but most important, to learn to appreciate ourselves. Focus on the creative sparks that make each of us individuals. That make you, YOU. As is tradition, the first challenge of each year is a Self-Portrait. We do this because:  A) We wanna see your beautiful faces, obviously. B) It's not easy. Yea, that's right.. this whole photo-a-week thing ain't always a picnic, so we hit the ground running. C) It's vulnerable. What better time than the begining of a new year, to take stock of yourself. Remove those voices in your head that are holding you back. And get in front of the camera and Just. Be. You. Show us a new side of yourself. Show us what makes you, you. This is a time for shedding inhibitions and being vulnerable - as photographers, staying behind the viewfinder can be a defense mechanism of sorts. As Elsa sings - Let It Go ... We'd love to see whatever you'd like us to see - moods, ideas, joys, pensiveness - we want to see you.


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