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Red is Not Always Red

To see a color your corneas must be clear and focus the light correctly on your retina. Your retinas are home to two types of photoreceptor cells: rods and cones. These specialized cells convert light into signals that are sent to the brain. Your brain then interprets this as a color. What happens if any part of this complex system doesn't respond as expected? You are color blind. Look at these images and try to imagine a world without color.

Left to right:
* Original Photo
* Blue Cone Monochromacy
* Red-Weak/Protanomaly
* Red-Blind/Protanopia
* Monochromacy/Achromatopsia
* Green-Weak/Deuteranomaly
* Green-Blind/Deuteranopia
* Blue-Weak/Tritanomaly
* Blue-Blind/Tritanopia

Test Yourself:

You can try this on your own photos here:

Original Photo

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Look around and we'll see something we take for granted - color. Our wonderful world is filled with it, so this week we're asking you to Choose A Color. Make that color the theme and inspiration behind your image. It need not be a single monochrome image - you can have multiple colors so long as the viewer sees one that makes your photo special. Colors evoke moods and feelings - how you choose to compose and use them is what will guide the viewer through the image. Choosing to focus on a single color in particular is both creative and also calls on your technical skills - after all, good use of light, contrast and saturation is what can make or break an image. Basically, pick a color and make it the dominant and outstanding color of your image and leave no doubt about which color you wanted to make the hero of your shot. Think landscapes of rolling green hills, or food shots of red chilli peppers or the all encompassing golden color at sunset - there's a noticeable dominant color there and that's what we're looking for. So, get out there and just pay a little more attention than you usually do to get some amazing color shots.

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*enktesis, LLC assists clients in a range of web technology solutions, marketing communications, business development, and communications research efforts

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Empower Mats
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Tools to empower visually impaired students to participate in competitive robotics programs.

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Robot Mats
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Build the skills of your current team with our universal training mats. They provide every scenario required to teach all the fundamentals programming and similar robotics systems.

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Creative Play Mats
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These amazing mats feature imaginative, play-producing, images designed to provide just enough imagery to spur creativity.

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TechBrick Education
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TechBrick is an independent robotics and STEM education program for home-schooled, public, and private school students in Harford, Baltimore, and Cecil counties in Maryland.

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You've got an idea. You've written your book, your ideas, your thoughts. Paperclip Press can make it happen.

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