52 Frames Submissions 2019

Please enjoy my submissions from the 52 Frames Project for 2019

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6862 MarcoCiavolino 20190216 CityAtNight 700 

Hotspots in Rural Maryland

10:30p in Fallston MD. Two happening places open: McDonald's and Texas Roadhouse. Definitely choose the Roadhouse.

Google Pixel XL2
Photo edited in Photoshop CS


This week, creative Framers we have a more technical challenge for you. Your mission this week is to go out at night and take a photo of your city…or town. And if you do not live anywhere near a city, then just go outside and capture your surroundings at night!You are definitely going to have to play with your camera’s settings. Experiment with a longer exposure (a tripod will be of great help) as well as the aperture and ISO. The lack of light is going to make it difficult to get the perfect exposure, so it is a good idea to experiment a lot with various settings. You can also try bracketing your photos – taking a series of photographs at different exposure settings. You can then choose the photo with the best exposure (out of the hundreds) or blend several photos of different exposures together. Photos of buildings, cityscapes and street photography are usually the default subjects of night photography but think also about portraits, light painting or light trails. They can also be very suitable for this week’s challenge. Our humble desks not only provide us with a designated space to do our work but often also the anchor of our creative lives. It is time to create a beautiful album in its honor.

6862 MarcoCiavolino 20190204 Office Post 700 

Thoroughly Modern Office

What a crazy world we live in. One person can have at their fingertips the resources of thousands of workers a decade ago. During any week I can design logo, shoot and edit a video, manage a few hundred websites, do massive database work, hold online video conferences and a thousand other tasks. But around me are the friendly artifacts of the past to keep me anchored.

Shot with a Nikon D7500
Photo merged and edited in Photoshop CS

Assignment:  Our theme this week, creative Framers, is “Your Desk”. You are more than welcome to interpret this theme literally and shoot the physical desk in your home. Maybe with a notebook, laptop and cup of coffee elegantly arranged on top of this desk. Or you can photograph the calligraphy, beadwork or architectural blueprints that you create on your desktop.Or maybe you can give your imagination free reign and think of your desktop merely as the base for anything that you create from this space! For thriller writers, their desk can be the floor of a murder scene, covered in blood stains. For developers, their desk can be the base of the matrix or part of a three-dimensional app. “Your” desk can also be interpreted as any place that you get your work done. Maybe it is a table at the local coffee shop, or a table at a plant nursery, an operating table, a prep table in a kitchen or that of a train or an aeroplane. Our humble desks not only provide us with a designated space to do our work but often also the anchor of our creative lives. It is time to create a beautiful album in its honor.

6862 MarcoCiavolino 20190201 Week 05 Dirty 700

Bane of my Life

No matter how many times I plan to unload the dishwasher and keep the sink clean I don't. And just go until I run out of dishes. I suspect I'm not the only one.

Shot with a Nikon D7500
Cropped and edited in Photoshop CS

Assignment:  Here at 52Frames we often challenge Framers to really stretch their creative muscles. This week’s theme “Dirty” is definitely one of those types of “I do not have an idea what to shoot” challenges. We trust however in your creativity and are sure that your amazing imaginations will come up with another beautiful and amazing photo album! You may take a photo of a cook’s hands (or those of a gardener), a messy kitchen, or an interesting abstract of all the flotsam of an upturned handbag or the grease in a dirty oven. Dried mud on hiking boots or paint smears on an artist’s hands. A young child eating chocolate or an adult struggling with a juicy sandwich. So get down and dirty this week, creative Framers – make dirt look beautiful…:)

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week4 Macro 700

Fruit in Focus

I used this week's challenge to try focus stacking. After a couple of tests I settled on some fruit. I took eight shots and use Photoshop's align on import and blend tools to get a shot of sharp fruit.

Shot with a Nikon D7500
Cropped and edited in Photoshop CS

Source Photos

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week4 DSC 4488

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week4 DSC 4489

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week4 DSC 4490

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week4 DSC 4491

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week4 DSC 4492

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week4 DSC 4492

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week4 DSC 4494

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week4 DSC 4495

Assignment: One of the important traits of a photographer is the ability to notice and photograph the wonderful details of life. We often see things that most people do not even notice. It is sort of the photographer’s ‘job’ to see these hidden details, to photograph them and show to the rest of the world how beautiful our world really is. This may all seem a bit daunting but the good news that it is not difficult to develop your photographer’s eye. Macro photography, taking photos of small things larger than life-size, is an excellent exercise for honing this special eye. So this week, creative Framers, we are going to photograph small things. Insects are often a popular subject for macro photography but you can also look for moss, water drops, feathers, seeds, and crystals. Other subjects for macro photography are detailed textures of just about anything, zoomed in body parts (for example eyelashes or a cat’s nails) or small details of inanimate subjects such as the bristles of a toothbrush of the stamens of a flower.

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week3 HelloFromHere 700

Bringing STEM to the Blind and Site Impaired

This is FIRST LEGO League Team 180 Optimum from the Maryland School for the blind (https://www.marylandschoolfortheblind.org). Students from the Baltimore area blind and site impaired student population have been participating in FIRST LEGO League for the past six years. This year, for the first time, they could fully participate in the competition, using a tactile mat developed by Empower Mats (http://empowermats.com) a division of Robot Mats (http://robotmats.com). They can also program in Quorum, a text-based programming language for the EV3 Robotics that is fully accessible. At this Maryland State Qualifier they were awarded first place for their project research. The goal of empower mats is to allow these inquiring young students the same opportunities as their sighted counterparts in competitive robotics programs.

Shot with a Nikon D7500
F 4.5
ISO 2500
10 mm
Cropped and edited in Photoshop CS

Using a Nikon 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6G AF-P VR DX rented from the great people at Lens Rentals

Assignment:  One of the best things of 52Frames is that we are introduced to fellow photographers from all over the world. We not only get to cooperate together every week in creating an amazing photo album but we also learn from and inspire each other. AND on top of that, we get to see photos from far and near! Every single week the albums open up into hundreds of windows into corners of the world that many of us will probably never see in person. This week we are celebrating the fact that we are an amazing bunch of photographers from all over the place! So it is time to show us where you live…or maybe where you are traveling at this week... :) You can choose to show us your hometown, city or farm with a ‘wider view’ such as a famous landmark or unfamous landmark. Or maybe a cityscape or skyline. Or you can show us a more ‘narrow’ view, for example, the cute barista that makes the best coffee in town, or that blind busker with his patient dog or your special meditation spot under a giant tree.

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week2 RuleOfThirds 700

Title: Sound of Thirds

The core of western music is the triad of thirds. It just sounds good.

Assignment:  Hi creative Framers, our challenge this week is the “rule of thirds’. It is one of the first composition rules that new photographers learn to create interesting and balanced photos. And it is also a nice and calming challenge after the dreaded self portrait! The basic idea is to imagine dividing a photo into a grid of thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have nine blocks. This grid helps you to find the four important parts (the intersections of the lines) of the image that you should consider placing your subject as you frame your image. You can also use the lines of the grid themselves for placing your subject. Studies show that the viewer’s eye tends to go straight to one of the intersection points rather than the center of the photo. Using the rule of thirds makes your photo only look more balanced but helps the viewer to find it pleasing to look at it. Personal note: I don't actually like the rule of thirds so much! Like any "rule" in photography, use it merely as a guide, and trust your intuition. The rule of thirds will help you especially in the beginning of your photographic journey, to compose better, more balanced images. Think of this as your first tool in your toolbelt.

6862 MarcoCiavolino 2019Week1 SelfPortrait 700

Me 1959-2019

This photo was taken by my father in or around 1959 in Clinton, NJ in our old Ford Woody Wagon. I tried to reproduce it and incorporate both.

My dad produced hundreds of photographs in New York and New Jersey from the late 1940's through the 1970's. Many were assignments and three are in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Many were shot with a 4x5 bellows camera or early 35MM SLRs. All were hand printed. Check them all out at: https://musicwithmike.com/photos

Shot with a Nikon D7500
F 5.3 @ 1/15 second
ISO 100
Focal Length 127mm
Cropped and edited in Photoshop CS

The Assignment: Hi there creative Framers!! It is a New Year and as tradition states, our very first challenge is a self-portrait! What fun...or maybe not..right? Us photographers are notorious for hiding behind our cameras, it is both our security blanket and our happy place. But once a year, at least here at 52Frames, it is time to step in front of the cameras for a change. Creating self-portraits offers both a serious artistic challenge and a way to build your photography skills. And you have the most patient model ever...yourself! Often, the best way to learn about lighting, portraiture and human composition in general, is using the most willing model that you have available...and that's YOU! So don’t be shy creative Framers, have fun, experiment a little, think outside the box, and show us YOU.

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