Trade Show and Displays

FrontBlocksCTrade show and display design is very complex and involves design at a large scale with huge images and key spacing and template requirements.

Whether a display, vehicle, sign, or similar device there are dozens of technical considerations.

Materials, applications, services, portability, durability, and numerous other issues must be evaluated. And of course, cost and maintenance are important as well.

We have designed and managed many trade show and display projects including the displays and all supporting technology and publications. Here are some examples.

Silver-top Manufacturing Display

Silver-top does a number of shows each year in the north-east. This is part of their traveling setup. Check out their products at

SilverTop 20140922 Set02 Display EZT8STR v08

American Scale Truck Graphics

American Scale has a number of large trucks that transport scale calibration and parts to industrian sites in the region. Each truck carries the distinct branding of the company.


Red Bag Corporate Displays

These are a pair of displays for table top and display use. Learn more about RedBag's innovative technology at

TS 0003 IMG 7945

Red Bag Solutions Arab Health

This was a massive 12 panel display that had to adhere to strict standards. See the photo below for the final installation. Learn more about RedBag's innovative technology at

TS 0002 Display Arab Health Jan 2015 Sample v11 Booth Layout

TS 0001 IMG 0061

TechBrick Robotics Banner Stand

We take this to competitions. It's a double-sided banner stand that sets up in about 2 minutes and replaced our old and cumbersome and huge PVC banner sign system. We get these from and you should, too.

TS 0000 TECH Display Panels 2015 Panel01 v03