Illustrations and Infographics

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Finding a way to illustrate a premise or concept is one of the most challenging tasks of design.

This page includes some of the solutions we've developed for clients over the years.

Look around you. Everywhere you go you are confronted with images presented to inform, persuade, and educate. How many times have you purchased a product just because you liked the label? Or ordered a menu item because there was a great picture of the food? Or looked at a banner add because it had an engaging image?

This is all visual education and persuasion and it is hard work.

Bob Brown gNashville CD Art

We have designed a number of CD/DVD cover packages. These require precise templates and extended knowledge of the design requirements. Click on the images to see a larger version.

gn 0001 BBgNASHVILLE Cover v02A Flat1  gn 0000 BBgNASHVILLE Cover v02A Flat2

gn 0002 BBgNASHVILLE Disk v02


We've done hundreds of posters for candidates and events and classes. The poster below was actually 8 feet tall and Mike is 6'8". They really stood out on the roads. Click on the images to see larger versions.

posters 0000s 0000 Blizzard2013 48x96 B Photo ID v01     posters 0000s 0002 BGCMovieNoteBookCoverLetterF

posters 0000s 0001 BGHGC ChessPoster v01 Letter

Wilberforce "The Better Hour" DVD Cover Art

This was used to distribute review copies to media and interested organizations concerning the extraordinary documentary about William Wilberforce. More information at the site Click on the images to see a larger version.

wfdvd 0000 TBHScreenerInsert1 v01   wfdvd 0001 TBHDVDLabelDVDScreener2

RedBag Solutions Process Charts

Over the years we have created dozens of PowerPoints for RedBag solutions and publications. Part of this work is illustrative graphics. This is a comprehensive chart used in presentations as a mult-slide build. The final image is included as we as an animated version showing the steps.



National Marriage Week Info Graphics

These were created for the national guide that was used for events across the country. In the end, we used a basic info page but these still stand as effective visual communications.

nmw 0000s 0000 NMWInfoGraphic v08 Vector Main

nmw 0000s 0001 NMWInfoGraphic v06 Vector InfoGraphicLetter

Spot Illustrations for Ethics and Religion

Each week I post columns to the Ethics & Religion website. Mike McManus, the author, says, "My goal in writing Ethics & Religion is to provide a weekly answer, suggesting how Americans can take their faith, and use it to raise the ethical standards in their families, churches and communities."

My goal is to come up with an illustration each week that highlights the premise of Mike's column. I invite to you visit the site and actually read his columns at

Here are some of our favorite illustrations.