Logo Designs and Corporate ID

FrontBlocksCOver the years we have designed and reworked 100s of logos. Here are some from the past few years.

Logo work includes the creation of the logo, creating various useful variations, creating stationery, business cards, and a full corporate ID guides. Many companies we work with have never standardized colors and logos. And many have colors that do not work in a wide variety of output scenarios. 

What makes a good logo? Here are our simple rules for success...

  • A logo only needs to communicate the single, key issue that is your business.
  • A logo cannot say everything about your company.
  • It must be legible and work at all sizes (poster, letters, business cards, or lapel pins).
  • Unless you have billions of dollars to promote a swish, a logo should communicate immediately the name of your organization and appropriate, brief, descriptions if necessary.
  • It must be able to be represented in one color, shades of one or two colors, or full color.
  • It must accommodate the association of related information (URLs, phone numbers, etc.)
  • It must be affordable to produce.
  • It should be easily used in other applications (Word, PowerPoint, etc.).

See the full article in the Digital Truths Document.

Logo Designs

CommunitesBusinessesFlourish White Vector BG 01

EL 0000s 0000 FedScaleLogo v01 2016

Bright Oaks 100329 logo 348


EL 0000s 0002 WLP Logo Final v03 Black

DBVS2005Logo v01.Bk

NCCANeighborsLogo i10

EL 0000s 0003 UFABYCLogoStackVector

EL 0000s 0001 ZeroGravityChallengeLogo v01