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LetterBlocks 0006s 0000 v roseCurrent video technology allows the creation of professional, cinema quality video, with digital SLRs and compact equipment.

We have all the equipment needed to help you produce great corporate videos. Why is this important? YouTube is the most extraordinary free resource on the web for getting your message to millions. Every business should have at least one if not a number of videos on YouTube, most no longer than 2 minutes.

A well produced video, properly formatted and tagged in YouTube, can generate nearly immediate search engine results.

Point Blank Pepper Company Review Video

PBB 20211211 Reviews A v05Go beyond normal with Point Blank Pepper Company's Smoke Rings and Table Sauce. A unique flavor that is above the ordinary to 'Elevate' any recipe or cuisine. Point Blank Pepper Company makes 'Elevated' Bread & Butter Peppers and Table Sauce in two heat levels - "Original Mild" and "Hot". Four unique products with a wide variety of uses.

This video is a compilation of top reviewers.

Watch Here:

Visit the Proint Blank Pepper Company Website:

NTMC Awards Event Videos

NTMCVideo2021NMTC (Northeastern Maryland Technology Council) is the technology and innovation advocacy platform providing expert opinions, on disruptive technologies, affecting Revenue, Talent and Technology Pipelines of our members in Northeastern Maryland, the Greater Baltimore area and beyond.  Every year NMTC hosts the Visionary Awards. This event celebrates our neighbors, colleagues, family, and friends for their volunteer efforts to build the Workforce for the Future and advance technology & innovation. Combining the two provides rewarding careers for our children, expands our regional economy, and protects our national security.

Going Virtual

This year we could not hold a banquet as we have in the past. So all participants were interviewed via ZOOM and integrated into an event video and pre-event video.

NTMC 2021 Visionary Awards Pre-Event interviews: 6 minutes

In this video we interview the student speakers from past events. You could not have a better argument for supporting STEM education.


NTMC 2021 Visionary Awards Event: 34 minutes

In this video we present the award recipients and end with an amazing drone drop.


You can see the event brochure here.

PXL 20210422 200435564.PANO

We presented via a standard ZOOM meeting with a 500 participant quota from a laptop with dual monitors. One to show the video, the other to monitor attendees.  The laptop was hardwired into the network and connected to a cellular hotspot for redundancy. The event was monitored in real time on the primary workstation.

Geyer Instructional / Robot Mats Videos

My RobotMats products are now exclusively distributed by Geyer Instuctional. As part of that work I regularly produce product and promotional videos for our products. Enjoy!

Visit Geyer Instructional's YouTube Page to watch!


Moving the War

MovingTheWarOn Sept 17, 2015, more than 80 veterans of the WWII amphibious crews gathered for a reunion. I had an opportinuty to interview about thirty of these amazing men. Here are some of their stories.

Watch Here:

Visit the LST Website:

Chabadza Healing Hands Ministry Intro Video

ChabdazaIntroIn Zimbabwe, the Shona word “Chabadza” refers to community members coming together to help those in need. Chabadza-Healing Hands Across Zimbabwe is a mission group working to bring this help, by establishing or retrofitting medical clinics across the remote rural regions of Zimbabwe.

Watch the Video: 

American Scale & Equipment Recruiting Video

FRCInterviews2019We created a different kind of recruiting video. The owner, Larry Budd, speaks directly to the potential employee and shares his thoughts on the company and job. We assisted with the script, graphics and editing.

Watch the Video: 

FIRST Robotics Competition Interviews at the McDonogh School

FRCInterviews2019We interviewed students at 2019 FRC qualifying event. I wanted to focus on students thoughts and responses to various aspects of the challenge.

The amazing part of this is that each of these students did their piece in one take with less than 1 minute of prep. How many adults could do this?  It's one of the great parts of FIRST programs: We teach students to communicate effectively!

Visit YouTube to Watch the Video: 

Silver-top Sales Videos

Silver SNAG 0153bWe created a number of informational videos for Silver-top. Each one highlights a key element of their products and manufacturing.

We interviewed a number of employees to get their perspective and provided a range of great descriptions for potential customers. One of the owners/managers, "Buzz," is our guide to the amazing products of Silver-top.

Visit the website to view all the videos:


Bill and Pennie Interview: 60 Years of Marriage

BillPennie SNAG 0133Watch their video on YouTube:


* How they fell in love
* About having and losing children
* Fighting fair and outhouses
* Lessons from 60 years of love

We had an extraordinary chance to hear from a couple who has been married for 60 years. And you think this is frank, you should hear what we left out!

Chris Maggitti Guitar Performance Videos

Chris SNAG 0131Visit Chris' Site to See the Videos:

From minstrels to concert halls, from campfires to cathedrals, the melodies of the guitar echo through the ages. The music of a well-played classical guitar has no parallel. It can evoke great sadness or joy. It expresses music through emotions, a message that brings serenity to any setting.

This is a three camera shoot with independent audio recording.

We are helping Chris bring exposure to his amazing talent. Enjoy.

The XCORP Family of Companies

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*enktesis, LLC assists clients in a range of web technology solutions, marketing communications, business development, and communications research efforts

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Empower Mats
Tools to empower visually impaired students to participate in competitive robotics programs.

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Robot Mats
Build the skills of your current team with our universal training mats. They provide every scenario required to teach all the fundamentals programming and similar robotics systems.

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Creative Play Mats
These amazing mats feature imaginative, play-producing, images designed to provide just enough imagery to spur creativity.

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TechBrick Education
TechBrick is an independent robotics and STEM education program for home-schooled, public, and private school students in Harford, Baltimore, and Cecil counties in Maryland.

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You've got an idea. You've written your book, your ideas, your thoughts. Paperclip Press can make it happen.

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