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Web Solutions

We have designed hundreds of websites of all size and types.

Each site is designed for its audience. Some are high-design efforts, others designed to the content (lobbying, education, etc.). It is a combination of good content, appropriate design, and the right technology that makes a website work. There are hundreds of other sites that have come and gone over the years including ministry and political sites. But here's the key issue: All the sites work, stay up, are securely backed up daily, and can be easily found in searches. How about your site?

Please read the article Web Dev is Hard. There are dozens of 'build your own site' tools and free tools. But typically you won't get the results you expect. There's just a lot to know.

Follow the links to visit the sites.


From the Site:

In 2004, the sole reason Ukraine Children's Aid Fund was formed, was to help children in Ukraine who were suffering due to poverty, abuse, and abandonment. Over the years much of our aid has gone to feed, clothe, and provide medical care for homeless children and those living in horrifically underfunded orphanages and sanitaria. While many children, especially those with families, have left Ukraine, the plight of most children, especially those in the poorest regions of Ukraine (Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kherson) is now more desperate than ever due to the armed conflict involving Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We have received reports of children being killed in explosions, as well as being shot by the invading soldiers. Ukrainians are fleeing for their lives, but children without families to care for them are facing extremely dire circumstances.

Tasks: Content development, corporate ID, image preparation, template design, domain management, video creation.


From the Site:  

Serving the Atlanta Community

St Luke Lutheran Church is a vibrant community of faith in the metro Atlanta area. We are a community that loves and serves God, each other, and our neighbors, no matter how near or far. We invite everyone to become part of this community of worship and service.

​We worship, talk, have fun, and work together, and there is always a place for you here, no matter who you are. Come join us as we gather around the Word of God and the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion.

Known for our warm and inviting presence, we value the diversity in all of God's creation. Please know whoever you are, you are welcome here!

Logo Design:

We adapted their primary stained glass window to a logo mark.

 St Luke Atlanta Logo 03 Full 02

 Tasks: Content development, corporate ID, logo design, image preparation, template design, domain management.


From the Site:  The Smyrna Public Safety Foundation (SPSF) in Georgia was established in 2009 as a 501c3 not for profit organization. SPSF is dedicated to supporting the men and women who keep us safe day in and day out. Our mission is to Encourage and Strengthen the partnerships between the Community of Smyrna and its Public Safety Personnel. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for those who live, work, and play in the City of Smyrna and the surrounding communities.

From the Executive Director

We call them brave, courageous, fearless, loyal, dependable, leaders, and yes, we call them heroes. These words represent the police and fire departments of Smyrna, GA. Our mission is to entourage and strengthen the relationships within our community and its public safety personnel. We ask you to join us, help us, support us, sponsor, donate, and volunteer. Stand with us as we stand with the men and women who so graciously keep us safe everyday. They show up for us. Now, let's show up for them.


From the Site:  The old 297 was donated to the Submarine Memorial Association, a non-profit organization formed in 1972 with the purpose of saving Ling from the scrap yard. They petitioned the Navy to bring the boat to Hackensack, New Jersey to serve as a memorial "to perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country." Many citizens and corporations contributed time, professional services, and funds toward the restoration of Ling.


From the Site:  The P-520 is the last of the 85 foot US Army Air Corp Crash boats that rescued downed pilots during WW2 and Korea. Our goal at Louisville Naval Museum is to educate the public on the vital role these boats played. By traveling around the area the P-520 can visit ports and showcase locations where these boats were built. Few museum boats are able to operate under their own power, giving our boat a unique opportunity to bring history to the public.



FROM THE SITE: Your Complete Source for Glass Vials. For more than 50 years, GLASS VIALS has been proudly serving a variety of industries throughout the U.S. and abroad. As the name suggests, our business is the manufacturing and distribution of glass vials. Our commitment to you is unrivaled! We will strive to exceed your expectations in all areas of our operations by providing a full line of shell and screw thread vials in both clear and amber, with continuing efforts to offer a wider range of colors to meet the needs of your specific application. Additionally, we carry of full line of closures in a wide variety of styles, capacities and materials that we can easily assemble and package in reinforced boxes or bulk trays according to your needs.

Tasks: Configuration and Management of Shift4Shop account, Logo Update, Design, Forms, Collateral Materials, Data Conversion, Custom Code, Photography.




NOTE: This site now redirects to their store.

Scientific Specialties Services was founded in 1963 on the principle of providing quality products to research and industry. As a pioneer in the use of PTFE in containment products, we have been able to share our knowledge and offer many innovative products designed for the laboratory market. In addition to our technical expertise, Scientific Specialties has become known for prompt service and competitive prices. We are able to ship 98% of our orders within 24 hours at no additional cost to our customers.

Tasks: Content development, corporate ID, logo update, image preparation, template design.


FROM THE SITE: At Joy In Learning Child Care Centers, children are encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace. We provide quality child care in a home-like environment. Joy in Learning Centers serve as a basic support for the family. Our caring staff enhance and expand the parent's relationship with their children through a program rich in encouragement, acceptance and tolerance. Our goal is for children to discover the Joy Inherent In all Learning. Joy In Learning is a wonderful place for young children to make new friends and develop bonds that can last a lifetime. Joy In Learning has an Open Door Policy; we welcome your visit!

Tasks: Logo Update, Design, Forms, Collateral Materials, Video Production.

White Marsh Lawhttps://whitemarshlaw.com

White Marsh Law is a caring competent law firm focusing on personal injury, vehical accidents, and workman's compensation. We built a clean fast site that is fully compliant with accessibility and SEO issues. I'm not just a vendor, I'm also a client. They have handled our occasional car accident events with professional and capable advice.

Tasks: Website development, content development, corporate ID, logo, photography, image preparation, template design, technology decisions, video interviews.


We have built this brewery to keep the Hopkins' farming legacy going into its second century. That's right, Hopkins have been farming this ground since the 1920's. Over the past 100 years, Hopkins have been milking cows, growing tomatoes, milking more cows, growing corn, soybeans, more tomatoes, and of course, barley.

Tasks: Website development, content development, corporate ID, logo photography, image preparation, template design, signage and markings, technology decisions.



This is huge site that was converted from a legacy Windows blog system. This required us to do complex data conversions in Excel and MySQL to convert the various tables and assets in the old system to JOOMLA. This included more than 2500 articles and 1000's of photos and videos. Special attention was paid to the effort after launch during which we have captured and redirected more than 17,000 of the old URLs. Check out the site. There is a lot here to learn. This site gets visitors from every country in the world every day.

SPECIAL NOTE: This site maxed out the native search function in JOOMLA so we installed an implementation of Elastisearch. This external search server keeps a real time index of the site and provides nearly instant results. Try it here: https://biblearchaeology.org/search



The modern science of archaeology, which began in the mid-1800’s, has revolutionized our knowledge of the ancient Biblical world. Many archaeological discoveries relate directly to Scripture and confirm the historicity of the Biblical record. Other discoveries provide fascinating background material for the Biblical narratives. As people are made aware of these discoveries, the Bible suddenly comes alive and Bible study is made more interesting and meaningful.  Today’s technology has enabled archaeological research and publication to be greatly accelerated. More information is now being produced than ever before. It is even hard for professionals to keep up with the most recent developments. That’s why the ministry of Associates for Biblical Research is so important and valuable. Our staff of professional archaeologists is actually producing some of the latest research. In addition, we stay in communication with other scholars active in the field and get the inside story on recent developments. Associates for Biblical Research keeps you informed on the latest discoveries. Furthermore, we also provide a Biblical perspective for the significance of each discovery.

Tasks: Design, Forms, Data Conversion, Video Editing, Site Structure

Collaboration: This site is collaborative project of Nehemiah Communications and Enktesis


Thinking about divorce? Dealing with the fallout of a spouse who wants to divorce? Seeking information on whether/how to divorce? Helping support a friend or family member going through divorce? Divorce has touched the lives of many, and everyone has advice to give - - some good, and some wildly inaccurate. The goal of the Divorce Resource Center is to provide clarity to those who are navigating divorce and family issues. Divorce is always the last resort. Our goal is to help you divorce without destroying your family or finances, or to help you back away from divorce (if this is what both spouses desire). Fear of the unknown is paralyzing, and information is empowering.

Tasks: Content development, corporate ID, logo design, image preparation, template design.

Maryland Center for Computing Education https://cs4md.com

Note:  This site is deliberately designed simply to ensure Section 508 compliance blind and site impaired visitors.

FROM THE SITE: The MCCE is designed to expand access to high-quality Pre-Kindergarten-12 (P-12) computing education by strengthening educator skills and increasing the number of computer science teachers in elementary and secondary education. It also serves as a focal point for broader collaborative initiatives to increase the availability and quality of P-12 computing education across the state, including stakeholder meetings and partnerships; teacher certification efforts; standards and curriculum development; innovative pedagogical research and practices; training and awareness for administrators, students, and parents; and coordinating with related national efforts.

 Tasks: Design, Forms, Corporate ID, Collateral Materials



FROM THE SITE:  FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is a result of an exciting alliance between FIRST and the LEGO Company. Guided by adult mentors and their own imaginations, FLL students solve real-world engineering challenges and develop important life skills. FIRST LEGO League provides students age 9-14 with a hands-on, interactive robotics program in a sports-like atmosphere. Teams of up to 10 players focus on team building, problem solving, creativity, and analytical thinking to develop solutions to a problem currently facing the world – the Challenge. Each August, a new Challenge is unveiled to FLL teams across the world. Over the ensuing several months the teams strategize, design, build, program, test and refine a fully autonomous robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS™ technology. The teams also do their own research, talk to professionals, and develop compelling presentations which relate to the Challenge. At FLL competitions, the teams are evaluated on their robot’s performance, their presentation, teamwork and robot design.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Video, Collateral Materials, Ecommerce, SEO


FROM THE SITE:  Robotics is a great way to introduce all youth to the principles of mechanical engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence as well as creative problem solving, collaboration, and teamwork skills. But youth with visual disabilities have been at a disadvantage because most products are designed solely with sighted youth in mind. We want to use Empower Mats to build the same skills while allowing youth with a variety of disabilities to participate in mainstream robotics.  Through a grant from a national foundation, and in collaboration with The Maryland School for The Blind, TechBrick Education, LET’S GO Boys & Girls, and other national institutions, we are developing and testing surface technologies that can be applied to standard robotics competition and training mats. These solutions will facilitate the participation of students who are blind or visually impaired who are largely excluded from these types of activities. If they do not have an opportunity to engage in STEM based programs, they will not be likely to pursue STEM careers.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Video, Collateral Materials, Ecommerce, SEO.



FROM THE SITE: Why wait for your competition mat each year to begin to train your rookies or build the skills of your current team members? You can start today with our universal training mats. They provide every scenario required to teach all the fundamentals of EV3/NXT/RCX programming and similar robotics systems. You can use this for FIRST LEGO League (FLL), VEX, FIRST TECH CHALLENGE (FTC), Wonder Workshop (dash and dot), Bee-Bots, and any other programmable robot system.

This project includes a main information site and an associated store. The creation of the professional store helped increase sales by 10x the first month. All sales are now being handled by Geyer Instructional.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Video, Collateral Materials, Ecommerce, SEO.


FROM THE SITE: The Kolbe Center is a Catholic charity operated with the support of the Macon Deanery of the Diocese of Savannah which serves to both assist women in crisis with an unplanned pregnancy in adherence to Catholic teachings, as well as, provide education and expertise on Catholic Pro-Life Activities as outlined by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Our services are based on Catholic teaching and belief in the sanctity of the human person and the dignity of human life.

 Tasks: Design, Forms, Corporate ID, Collateral Materials, Ecommerce, SEO.



FROM THE SITE: The future is finally here with ServedUSA. Now you can simply upload your Service Documents through our website, select your State where service is needed and include information/instructions, and your job is instantly transmitted to a local ServedUSA server. On-Demand process service with a few key strokes! With ServedUSA your service documents are on the street within hours, nationally. With ServedUSA every service will be local. No more "Out of State" jacked up fees with multiple subcontracting vendors. This system will significantly reduced turn around times, make the entire process efficient and less expensive. ServedUSA uses state-wide FLAT FEES*. With ServedUSA servers compete for your business and are publicly rated for quality of their work product. Think UBER for process service, Nationally!

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Video, Collateral Materials, Ecommerce, SEO, application development, logistics.



FROM THE SITE: Since 1975 we have handled 1000’s of home improvement projects of all types. While we specialize in siding, decks, kitchens, windows, doors, and bathrooms, we can handle any need you have. Our experience includes new buildings and rehabilitation of older buildings and anything in between. What do you get from K & A1? Years and years of practical experience. That’s something you can’t find on Google.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Video, Collateral Materials, Ecommerce, SEO.



FROM THE SITE: TechBrick, formed in early 2003, is an independent robotics and STEM education club for home-schooled, public, and private school students in Harford, Baltimore, and Cecil counties. We have more than 100 active registrations with weekly meetings of children and parents (who are encouraged to stay and participate). Our teams have participated in numerous championships both regionally and at Worlds.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Video, Collateral Materials, Ecommerce, SEO.


FROM THE SITE: With the largest and most experienced group of technicians in the area, we offer peace of mind with 24/7 emergency service for sales, calibration, and repairs. As an Independent Dealer, we offer calibration services on high precision equipment manufactured by A and D, Mettler-Toledo, Ohaus, Sartorius, Shimatzu, and others. On the industrial side, we calibrate and repair equipment - from bench scales to truck scales - manufactured by Avery Weigh-Tronix, B-Tek Scales, Cambridge Scale Works, Cardinal Scale, CAS, Dillon, Duran, Emory-Winslow, Fairbanks, Hardy Instruments, Intercomp, Mettler-Toledo, Pennsylvania, Rice Lake, Thurman, and others.

amscalecom   amweighcom

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Collateral Materials, Ecommerce, SEO.



FROM THE SITE: When I was twelve years old, my father took my brother and me on a weekend hunting trip to Elliott’s Island, Maryland. My dad was not a hunter, but many of his friends were. I will never forget the proprietor of what was later named the Mertle Gray Gunning Club, Sam Kenney, telling us that whatever we shot, we ate. Pete Malloy cooked us muskrat and wild duck for dinner that evening. The older gentlemen at Elliott’s were kind enough to take us duck hunting that season; it was then that I first placed my hands on a decoy, and I remember thinking there was something special about it. That feeling has never left me.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Video, Collateral Materials, Ecommerce, SEO.


FROM THE SITE: Welcome to My Home. Lisa Samson plumbs our emotions, our conditions, our foibles and our homecomings with love, compassion and a desire for the light of truth with every word she writes. Welcome to who we are. Who we try to be. And a vision of where we might be headed when love seeks its rightful place.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Collateral Materials, Ecommerce.

CBN SNAG 0173http://christianbusinessnetwork.com

FROM THE SITE: We are a global network of Christ-followers seeking to prosper in our professions, establish trustworthy connections, serve people with excellence, and maximize our God-given potential.

We host and serve as a technical adviser to this project. Please visit their site and look a around. It is a great effort.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Video Production, Collateral Materials, Book Design, Publishing, Ecommerce.

TN LOVE SNAG 0107http://lovelettersfromthefront.com


Supports a full interactive book project.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Paper Forms, Video Production, Creative Writing, Press Releases, Collateral Materials.

silver topcomhttp://www.silver-top.com

Web solution for a Baltimore manufacturing and sales company specializing in awnings, sunrooms, and RV accessories. Check them out today.

Tasks: Equipment, decks, sunrooms, and accessories for houses and trailers. Design, Video, Forms, Online Pay, Photography, Corporate ID, online advertising.

TN Argus SNAG 0090http://argusmaryland.com

Marketing site for a Baltimore-base security and monitoring company.

Tasks: Log re-creation, content creation, infographic design, navigation and site appearance.

TN USLST SNAG 0092https://www.uslst.org

Sites to support veterans of WWI amphibious craft.

Tasks: Design, Video, Forms, Online Pay, Photography, Corporate ID, Databases

Collaborative Project with Nehemiah Communications



The primary site and its supporting site provide national information and support for what is commonly called 'released time Bible education.' Beyond broad content and online media it supports a secure 'members only' area and other secure components.

Tasks: Design, Video, Forms, Online Pay, Photography, Corporate ID

Collaborative Project with Nehemiah Communications




Supports the Family Trust for LTC Terry Lakin who has recently served five months at Leavenworth for demanding proof of presidential eligibility.

Tasks: Design, Video, Forms, Online Pay, Photography, Corporate ID, Forms, Book Design, Publishing, Business Management, Bulk Email, Physical Mail, Fundraising, Online Store, Collateral Materials.


TN PAPER SNAG 0103http://www.paperclippress.com

My publishing company. A niche service for select authors.

Tasks: Design, Forms, Photography, Corporate ID, Collateral Materials.

TN NORTHAM SNAG 0104http://www.northamericangeneralcontractors.com

A site for a regional commercial contractor specializing in complex industrial projects and moves.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Paper Forms, Collateral Materials.

TN KERA SNAG 0108http://keraobryon.com

Great voice talent, singer, and actress. Check our Kera's huge range of skills for your next voice over project.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Paper Forms, Video Production, Creative Writing, Press Releases, Collateral Materials.

TN CHRISM SNAG 0117http://classicalchris.com

Supports and extraordinary classical guitarist, Chris Maggitti. Contact Chris for events of all types. There is nothing like a classical guitar.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Paper Forms, Video Production, Creative Writing, Press Releases, Collateral Materials.

TN CHABADZA SNAG 0118http://chabadza.org

Chabadza-Healing Hands Across Zimbabwe is a mission group working to bring medical help, by establishing or retrofitting medical clinics across the remote rural regions of Zimbabwe. Consider supporting them.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Paper Forms, Video Production, Creative Writing, Online Contributions, Press Releases, Collateral Materials.

TN ETHICS SNAG 0115http://ethicsandreligion.com

Supports the writing of Michael McMannus. Mike has written more than 1700 columns covering a bewildering range of social and societal topics. Take a read.

Tasks: Logo, Design, Forms, Photography, Paper Forms, Collateral Materials.

The XCORP Family of Companies

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*enktesis, LLC assists clients in a range of web technology solutions, marketing communications, business development, and communications research efforts

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Empower Mats
Tools to empower visually impaired students to participate in competitive robotics programs.

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Robot Mats
Build the skills of your current team with our universal training mats. They provide every scenario required to teach all the fundamentals programming and similar robotics systems.

Creative Play Mats Logo.
Creative Play Mats
These amazing mats feature imaginative, play-producing, images designed to provide just enough imagery to spur creativity.

TechBrick Education Logo.
TechBrick Education
TechBrick is an independent robotics and STEM education program for home-schooled, public, and private school students in Harford, Baltimore, and Cecil counties in Maryland.

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You've got an idea. You've written your book, your ideas, your thoughts. Paperclip Press can make it happen.

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