Photo Guide for FIRST Events and Other STEM Competitions


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FIRST Events Media Cover

What You Must Accomplish: Your goal is simple: Tell the story well.

Along the way, you must try to get every team and participant in at least one picture if not more. Why? People love pictures of people they love. You’ll also be looking for those moments of triumph and learning and failure that illustrate the outcomes of this effort: To teach young engineers. You will be looking for smiling, engaged children and helpful adults. You will be looking for hard working, compassionate volunteers in all areas. You will be looking for innovative research and design. You will highlight the amazing facilities that schools and organizations make available to these programs. You will record the excitement of the spectators and messages of the special speakers. And you will record all that on ‘film’ to preserve the day, the outcome of months of hard work, for the teams, mentors, and parents.And you will become an important part of the event and its success.This guide provides ideas, resources, and examples of how to do this well. So do it well.

// Marco Ciavolino
Partner, Enktesis LLC
Executive Director, TechBrick Robotics


  • Opening Page 1
  • Photog Guidelines for FIRST INSPIRES Events 1
    Make Magic 1
    What You Must Accomplish 3
    Maryland Organizations 4
    Rulz 5
    Organizing Your Shoot 6
    This Only Works if you Plan 6
    There are two scenarios 6
    Really Key Points 6
    Shooting at 90% Full 8
    Use Good Folder Structures 8
    Make Sure You Have Reliable Internet Access 8
    Bring Some Key Equipment 8
    Use File Renaming Software 9
    Planning Your Event 10
    Event Preparation 10
    Logistics 10
    Shoot Planner 10
    Specific Shot Instructions 11
    High Speed Line Shooting: High-Fives, Trophies, and Run Ins 11
    Keeping it Steady 11
    Get on the Student’s Level 11
    Shooting Down 11
    No Flashes in General 11
    Planning Shoot of Fields 11
    Basic Composition Guidelines 13
    Editing Photos 14
    All the Shots 15
    Key General Shots 15
    Software Resources 17
    Planning a ‘Day of Event’ Video 18
    Sharing Your Work 19
    Sample Event Videos 20
    Sample Photos 21
    At the Tables/Fields 21
    Project/Interview Shots 22
    Shooting the Pits 23
    Shooting the Bots 25
    Run In/Entrance/Introduction Photos 26
    Alliance Selection 27
    Awards 28
    FLLJr 29
    Team Picture with Displays 29
    Explaining Projects 29
    Full Area 29
    Judges and Volunteers 30