Tech Your Coaching

If you have been referred to this site it means you are a seasoned, experienced, coach with much to offer, but you struggle with the technology demands of your work and the work of your clients.

It is essential that you, as a personal and business coach, have a good mastery of digital tools and a clear digital image.

These are many of key issues you must address.

  • Review computer for updated software installations.
  • Review computer security and remote security.
  • Discuss and configure connectivity options.
  • Establish and configure computer backups.
  • Discuss file and folder naming and organizational methodology.
  • Discuss accounting/invoicing.
  • Review online accounts.
  • Demonstrate the key basic skills for Word/Excel/Powerpoint and other software.
  • Using GSuite and Gmail tools.
  • Creating and using document templates.
  • Developing a corporate ID (Logo, cards, stationery, ppt, etc.)
  • Recommended courses for training.
  • Discuss presentation requirements and equipment.
  • Review other common online meeting tools (Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, MS Teams and others).
  • And many other areas.

I have worked in IT and communications since the early 1980's and trained many of my clients and developed training system and documentation for wide range of tasks. Please review my corporate site to see the range of projects I have developed.

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